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The Doha Agreement: What it Means for the Taliban and Afghanistan

In February 2020, the United States signed a historic peace deal with the Taliban in Doha, Qatar. The agreement aims to end the 18-year-long war in Afghanistan, which has been one of the longest wars in U.S. history. The Doha Agreement outlines a timeline for U.S. troop withdrawal, the release of Taliban prisoners, and the start of intra-Afghan negotiations. In this article, we will explore the details of the Doha Agreement and what it means for the Taliban and Afghanistan as a whole.

The timeline for U.S. troop withdrawal

The Doha Agreement states that the U.S. will reduce its troop levels in Afghanistan from around 12,000 to 8,600 within the first 135 days of the agreement. All U.S. troops will be withdrawn from five bases within 135 days, and the remaining bases will be closed within 14 months. This timeline is based on the Taliban’s promise to ensure that Afghan soil is not used as a base for terrorist attacks against the U.S. or its allies.

The release of Taliban prisoners

As part of the agreement, the Afghan government agreed to release 5,000 Taliban prisoners, and the Taliban agreed to release 1,000 Afghan security force personnel. This process has already begun, with the Afghan government releasing more than 4,000 of the prisoners. The release of these prisoners is seen as a confidence-building measure to pave the way for negotiations between the Taliban and the Afghan government.

The start of intra-Afghan negotiations

The Doha Agreement also calls for intra-Afghan negotiations to begin between the Taliban and the Afghan government. These negotiations are seen as critical to achieving a lasting peace in Afghanistan. The negotiations are set to begin within 10 days of the release of the Taliban prisoners, which has already taken place.

What does the Doha Agreement mean for the Taliban?

The Doha Agreement is a significant achievement for the Taliban. It has achieved its main demand, which is the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan. The agreement also means that the Taliban will likely have a role in the future government of Afghanistan. This is a significant achievement for a group that was ousted from power by the U.S. in 2001.

What does the Doha Agreement mean for Afghanistan?

The Doha Agreement is seen as a promising step towards ending the war in Afghanistan. If the peace talks are successful, it could lead to the end of the conflict, which has killed over 100,000 people since 2001. However, there are concerns that the Taliban will seek to restore its rule over Afghanistan, particularly in areas where it has been successful in gaining control. This could lead to further conflict and instability in the country.


The Doha Agreement is a significant achievement for the U.S. and the Taliban. It has the potential to end the long-standing conflict in Afghanistan and bring peace to the country. However, the success of the agreement depends on the success of the intra-Afghan negotiations, which are yet to take place. Only time will tell whether the agreement will lead to lasting peace in Afghanistan.